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SUREFIRE SALES SOLUTIONS LLC is your trusted advisor when it comes to important buying decisions.  It is our goal to provide you "our valued customer" the products and services that will provide benefits to you for years to come.  We understand that each buying experience is unique with different goals in mind.  Our in person or virtual consultations will focus on the things that are most important to you with a focus to deliver the right solution.  It is our commitment to provide a superior customer experience to our customers. 

Paul Smith, Founder and CEO

Paul Smith

Founder and CEO

Paul Smith started SUREFIRE SALES SOLUTIONS LLC in 2020 after spending 20+ years working for several companies that included  his most recent role serving as Regional Director at a fortune 50 company. After gaining years of experience with leading successful teams that put integrity first, Paul is now taking that experience and using it in a new industry. Paul is excited to promote products that provide value and savings to consumers looking to become energy independent while having a positive impact on the environment.  


Paul believes in giving back to the community and being a responsible corporate citizen.  Paul was able to help  by volunteering in the recovery efforts during the terrible tragedy of 9/11 at the Armory in NYC. Paul was also able to help with the victims of Hurricane Katrina as they were relocated to Chicago Il following the hurricane.  Paul has also served on the Board of Directors for the Fort Wayne Urban League as well as participating in other ways of service to the community.


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